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Energy Performance Road-Mapping

EPCs were first introduced in 2007 as a legal requirement to the letting of / selling of or the construction of a property, it measures the energy performance on a scale of A (the most efficiently performing energy) to G (the worst performing energy).

There has never been a bigger focus on EPC ratings than in today's market; mortgage companies are starting to risk their lending against a poor energy performing property, Landlords are required to ensure properties achieve at least a rating of E, with consultation ongoing to raise this to a C by 2025 for new tenancies / occupational contracts and 2028 for existing tenancies.

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Whilst an EPC can provide guidance on how to improve the energy efficiency there is a growing demand for property owners to comply to a minimal rating, and to have more understanding of where the energy performance shortfalls are, and most importantly what energy efficiency measures could be implemented to raise efficiency and raise compliance.


How can we assist?


We can provide analysis of the current status of the energy performance within the domestic property, and provide a roadmap to any of the higher ratings using a variety of options; what is the optimum level of loft insulation to raise compliance / would a change of fuel be more efficient or a change of heating systems?  Is there an unnecessary energy heater in the property bring the score lower?  We offer a consultancy service providing a detailed analysis of the EPC to provide the best route to compliance and/or energy efficiency improvements.

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