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2023 IN

It's been a busy year... how is it August 2023 already?
This year whilst on secondment to a Housing Association part time, it has still been a great year so far for Claire-Louise Consultancy, we have been carrying out an interesting array instructions from Estate Agents, Letting Agents and private Landlords also.
Early in the year we worked with a Landlord to complete over 20 energy consultancy reports on the portfolio currently below C.  We looked at how each property's energy performs across the portfolio, from pre-1900 conversions to terraced houses and detached retrofitted properties.  We then analysed all the data and provided advice how best to increase the efficiency outside of the standard internal / external wall insulation recommendation. This enabled 75% of the portfolio to increase their score easily to above a C, and we will continue to work with the landlord and ECO4 scheme to understand what grants may be available to help achieve further energy efficiency in the form of fuel conversions, and solar panel installations.
If this is of interest to you, get in touch and book your energy consultancy appointment!


We have been busy completing mid-term instructions from landlords whom wish to outsource this visit to us.  
During this visit, we diplomatically have a tour of the property, and note any issues, damage, or breaches of their contractual terms that we observe.  This is summarised in an unbiased and professional report. This is accompanied with clear digital time and dated photographs to capture a visual record and held on the cloud server or can be downloaded to a PDF.

- Clear time-stamped digital photographs capturing every detail, along with a 360° room overview video
- Detailed and easy-to-read written description and condition of every room
- Schedule of condition inc cleanliness and defects noted
- TDS compliant format (should a dispute arise; our reports are in a format that TDS adjudicators welcome)
- All smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms checked for an emitted audible tone and an English or Welsh            legislation compliance check list completed
- Report link sent by email and can be viewed, commented on, and signed by all parties
- Report can be customised specific to the landlord's / agents branding

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"Claire has recently completed our mid-term inspections.  The reports and the medium of using them shows how important these are.  It is so much easier for me to address the issues highlighted when Claire has done the report - the impartiality makes it much easier for me to address the issues which is very valuable to me, thanks again"  

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