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Mid-Term Visit

With the reforms under The Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 it is more important than ever for landlords to check the condition of their property during a tenancy. Mid-term visits can identify signs of damage, wear and tear, maintenance issues or H&S items such as defective smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, can speedily resolve issues before the end of the tenancy, reducing the chance of a dispute. Both landlords and contract holder's benefit from visits as they may use this opportunity to report any issues back to the landlord

A mutually acceptable time is arranged with your contract holder and, whilst acting professionally, friendly, and diplomatically, we note any issues, damage, or breaches of their contractual terms that we can observe, so landlords and their agents can act accordingly, summarised in an unbiased and professional report. This is accompanied by a 360° overview view of each room along with clear digital time and dated photographs to capture a visual record of what we have found and can be enlarged to view in closer detail within the report.


- Clear time-stamped digital photographs capturing every detail, along with a 360° room overview video

- Detailed and easy-to-read written description and condition of every room

- Schedule of condition including cleanliness and defects noted

- TDS compliant format (should a dispute arise; our reports are in a format that TDS adjudicators welcome)

- A separate FFHH (Fit for Human Habitation) compliance check list (if instructed)

- All smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms checked for an emitted audible tone and an English or Welsh            legislation compliance check list completed

- Report link sent by email and can be viewed, commented on, and signed by all parties

- Report can be customised specific to the landlord's / agents branding

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