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Energy Performance Road-mapping

We’re proud to be ahead of the game when it comes to energy efficiency, at a time when environmental issues and the cost of living are affecting so many, we are committed to prioritising the needs of our clients and our planet. The increased attention on improving the performance of the UK housing stock means that in the coming years landlords and homeowners will be under greater pressure to make improvements that will bring down energy usage.  

By offering a domestic energy efficiency reporting service, we’re confident that our customers will reap the long-term benefits of this new offering.

Similar to an EPC, the report details a property’s current and potential EPC rating, the CO2 produced by the property each year and the CO2 savings that could be achieved. It goes beyond what an EPC offers though by including a roadmap of what improvements are recommended in a fabric first approach to achieve a higher rating, how much they will cost, how much bills could reduce as a result, as well as information on various sources of funding that may be available to help fund and achieve the recommendations. It provides the landlord or homeowner with a complete overview of the current performance alongside clear and targeted recommendations, allowing proactive improvement and management of each property






- Site visit taking approx 45 minutes to survey the property and systems

- Photo evidence is required of radiators, wall thickness, insulation levels, low energy light bulbs, utility meters,        evidence of retrofitted insulation in the loft or walls, heating and controls

Report based on the analysis along with a roadmap of how to achieve higher ratings and links to any funding streams and useful links for further information

It's good to prepare yourself with the information that is needed prior to our site visit to conduct your EPC or EPR (as part of the energy efficiency report or retrofit assessment).

This document outlines most common paperwork that should be collected together for the energy assessor:

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