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Inventory & Schedule of Condition

Rustic Kitchen

All our inventory reports are compiled using the latest technology to ensure we meet the evolving high industry standards. We include a combination of detailed descriptions of property contents, as well as meticulously documenting the property condition at the time of visit. This is accompanied by a 360° overview view of each room along with clear digital time and dated photographs to capture a visual record of what we have found and can be enlarged to view in closer detail within the report.

Any decoration, cleaning or maintenance works should be completed

prior to our attendance to ensure the property is captured just how the contract holder will take the property. 

Detail and accuracy are our commitment to landlords and their agents; a trusted service that leaves no stone (or sofa cushion) unturned. This report will be compared against an equally thorough check-out service when your contract holder vacates at the end of the term


- Clear time-stamped digital photographs capturing every detail, along with a 360° room overview video

- Detailed and easy-to-read written description and condition / cleanliness of every item in every room, and comparison table to the in-going inventory if available

- TDS compliant format (should a dispute arise, our reports are in a format that TDS adjudicators welcome)

- All smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms checked for an emitted audible tone and an English or Welsh             legislation compliance checklist completed

- Schedule of condition including cleanliness and defects noted

- Furniture fire safety label checked

- All meter readings taken where accessible

- All manuals noted and photographed

- All smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms checked for an emitted audible tone and an English or Welsh legislation compliance checklist completed

- Key collection and drop off to the responsible person / agent

- Report link sent by email and can be viewed, commented on and signed by all parties- Report can be customised specific to the landlord's / agents branding

- A separate FFHH (Fit for Human Habitation) compliance checklist (additional instruction)

- A separate legionella basic risk assessment including water outlet temperature check and all water outlets ran    for 2 minutes, and all WCs flushed (additional instruction)

- A separate asbestos basic risk assessment including visual checks for asbestos material in the drains, gutters,    soffits, basement / cellar and any evidence of disturbed asbestos (if instructed)

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